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Leslie Alcantar is a video editor and photographer. She has experience in editing short form and long form content, including youtube videos, trailers for short films, and commercials. Alcantar has also been the location sound mixer for several student films, which is where she started to delve more into the post production side of things. Currently, she is the Lead Assistant Editor at MrBeast. 

Artist Statement

As someone that grew up with Youtube, I love being able to work in the Youtube field, and hope to expand to other social media as well. I would love to work in all sorts of fields, such as Podcasts and editing for TV someday. 


From a young age, I’ve always been drawn to media. I believe film, television, and photography are such beautiful and powerful works of art and communication, and I’m truly honored to be able to play a part in it. I really like the idea of taking anything and transforming it into a new piece of art: whether it be a project started from scratch or simply changing a few things to enhance the overall project.

I want to be known for making people laugh. I work to create new stories through my edits and strive to constantly grow and learn new ways to make meaningful and beautiful stories regardless of what my position is in the process.

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